Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy Graduate, 2000

Annual Licensing

Member of American Massage Association

Certifications and Courses Completed

Wolfgang Luekman, Indian head, face, and foot massage with Ayurvedic oils – 2016

Richard Harris, Raindrop therapy and Vita Flex techniques – 2010

Cross Country Ed, soft tissue melting, deep tissue through light touch – 2014

William Seiber PhD, Understanding the Language of Stress Related Symptoms – 2009

Cadaver Lab – 2000

Barbara Culbertson, Introduction to Focusing – 2007

Elaine Stillerman, Mother Massage During Pregnancy – 2008

Wendy Payton, Institute for Burnham Systems Studies, Facial Rejuvenation – 2005

European Stone Massage, Therapy and Spa Hot Stone Massage – 2002

Ethics CT Center of Massage Therapy

Core Institute, Myofascial 1&2, Chest Head and Neck, Core Back Specific 2002


Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy, manual lymph drainage and complete decongest therapy 2012

Trinity Seminars (2003-2009)

Intergraded Structural Therapy Levels 1-5

Pelvis, Sacrum, Lower Extremities, and Pelvic Respiratory Mechanism

Lumbar and Thoracic Spine, Rib Cage, Upper Extremities, and Thoracic Respiratory Mechanism

Cervical Spine, Cranium, and Cranial Respiratory Mechanism

Respiratory, Cardiovascular, and Urogenital Systems

Gastro-intestinal, Hepatic, and Endocrine Systems

Cranial and Advanced Cranial Therapies

TMJ – Voice and Swallowing 1&2

Upper and Lower Extremities

Alternative Energy Modalities

Kerry Henwood, Shamanism Level 1&2, 2015

Kerry Henwood, Language of Light, 2016

John Beaulieu,

Dorothy Martin Neville, Energy Medicine – 2007

Paul Solomon, Reiki Level 1 – 1999